In one word Walker Posey is PASSION. Whether its serving the community in his fourth generation family funeral firm, helping to build the career of a young sports professional, or even developing a brand strategy for an up and coming golf product line, Walker is fully engaged, committed and passionate about creating success.

Walker’s background is in public relations, specifically in brand development. His diverse experience in a variety of industries has allowed him to develop the unique ability to see past the immediate task at hand and to create a vision for the future that allows for calculated, measurable results. Having grown up in the funeral profession, Walker has become a detail man. He understands the necessity of the subtle details that can make or break public perception and awareness. Walker knows that reputation, social capital and subtle top of mind awareness are keys to successful brand development.

Within the death care industry Walker is a nationally recognized speaker on Leadership, Technology and Industry Trends. His real world experience sets him apart from your typical speaker. Walker’s deep understanding of how to use technology to gain measurable results in business and his theories and strategies help companies more effectively connect with their key publics and stay relevant amid rapidly changing industries.

Regardless of the brand, type of product or industry, Walker will bring PASSION, LEADERSHIP and an ENTHUSIASM that will help your company or service ENGAGE to find ultimate success.

Walker is actively involved in various media and technology based projects in a number of different sectors. He is very active in various industry and community associations and boards and philanthropic endeavors, including Rotary International and The YMCA. Walker loves the game of golf, traveling learning about various cultures and people.

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